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Mentoring Tomorrow
About THL Foundation

The Heritage and Legacy Foundation is a non-profit organisation that improves the capacity of young Nigerians to excel in various spheres of life.

We do this by creating collaborative platforms that bring them in contact with resources and mentors that help them achieve personal growth. This transfer of knowledge and capacity is designed to make them into agents of social change and ensuring they participate in the formation of the society of their future.

Aims & Objectives


Promoting positive civic engagement and social responsibility among young Nigerians through an ethic of service and a concern for justice, and working for positive change; on behalf of others and the community, thereby growing an attitude for a lifetime of service


Help in educating and developing future leaders to embody true Nigerian values in their lives, service and work through a connection with our collective past and future.  


To contribute to the building of a Nigeria where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish


Provide and sustain discourse platforms that encourage leadership development programs young Nigerians


Developing skills and confidence in young Nigerians by providing platforms that encourage participation in leadership and servant roles with a goal of future leadership and service to local and global communities


Helping to develop ethical leadership principles and practices among future Nigerian leaders


Encouraging integrity and ethical leadership skills for effective leadership in civic, professional, and personal dimensions of life


Promote discussions among young Nigerians around public policies based on the principles and values of Nigeria

Young and running

Young and Running

Young and Running is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that trains young Nigerians to run for and excel in political office. We help young people channel their energy, creativity and aspirations to become political leaders and activists.

Mentoring Tomorrow

The platform is dedicated to facilitating mentoring for young Nigerians across all spheres. The aim is to build more resilient and values-aware individuals and making participants, more equipped and better versions of themselves.

Mentoring Tomorrow