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Prepare for tomorrow, Now!

The platform is dedicated to facilitating mentoring for young Nigerians across all spheres. The aim is to build more resilient and values-aware individuals and making participants, more equipped and better versions of themselves.

Mentors are encouraged to share time, knowledge, experience and access to networks that are at all times directed at attaining the aims of the platform.

We will strive to create and sustain a safe, nurturing and enriching experience for all users.

Mentoring Tomorrow provides a chance for people of all spheres of life to find mentors, thus giving them the chance to hone their hard and soft skills.

Our target audience is secondary school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and youth corps members on their career paths and those looking into starting their own businesses. Our mentors provide life-long advice, encouragement, guidance and direction to our young

Young and Running

Young and Running is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that trains young Nigerians to run for and excel in political office. We help young people channel their energy, creativity and aspirations to become political leaders and activists.

Young and running

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