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Take the challenge, be a Leader today!

Young and Running is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that trains young Nigerians to run for and excel in political office. We help young people channel their energy, creativity and aspirations to become political leaders and activists.

This program connects directly to the second projected outcome of the UNDP youth strategy, “enhanced youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making and political processes and  institutions” and will focus on capacity development and  advocacy  to achieve our goals.


To contribute to the leadership skills and ambition of at least 200 young Nigerian politicians each year through leadership training, mentoring, training events, conferences, fund raisers, policy discussions and debates, poll and environmental analysis, budget study and government (executive, legislature and judiciary) monitoring.

Mentoring Tomorrow

The platform is dedicated to facilitating mentoring for young Nigerians across all spheres. The aim is to build more resilient and values-aware individuals and making participants, more equipped and better versions of themselves.

Mentoring Tomorrow

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